Crafts with Q-tips and lessons from it

My kids take their crafts very serious.  I mean they will use bananas to hold down their artwork and dare anyone to have a snack.
Q-tip BridgeHe made the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not bad for never seeing the bridge.  Golden Gate BridgeNow this artist – she is our patient artist.
She played with the design-over and over again.
She has the snowflake down!
Try it!  It is harder than it looks!
Then we have this Princess.
She is all artist.  Meaning she has a creative side that doesn’t blend well with crazy rules or directions that her teacher may give her regarding lines of symmetry.  She sees what are outside the lines as a pure palette for more color and more creativity.
Artist ChildIt took her a long process for her to create her “snowflake.”  This was one of the objects she came up with – although I liked it – she had directions she had to follow.  Q-tip Sunburst
Sometimes we have to start over many times before we get it right.
It is a process.
It is sometimes overwhelming.
It involves do-overs and crying out for help!
But, in the end – the reward is there.
Yeah, I’m not really talking about q-tips anymore.
I’m talking about life.
Blessings to you!  You are loved!
Q Tip Crafts for Kids
Got the idea from a Tweet on Twitter!  Sometimes I just love hearing a good inspirational tweet!  Are you following me, @loving5kids
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3 thoughts on “Crafts with Q-tips and lessons from it

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  2. Anonymous

    These are beautiful children – looking at their expressions as they focus on what they are creating one can see the wonder come alive! They will always remember these moments – good job Momma!


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