Homemade Egyptian School Projects –The Sphinx

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We have been doing an Egyptian Study for weeks.

Salt Dough SphinxEach child had a project to do without me (the teacher) but they could use their Dad’s help.  (Don’t you love how I got out of that one?)Great Sphinx

I got to say – Dad is their best ally in making school projects!  He is so creative and uses material that I had no idea existed.

Egypt SphinxMy son and him worked for a couple of days playing with salt dough to form the Sphinx just right. Sphinx's Feet It was nice to hear them planning and processing the information to make it look just right.Homeschooling about Egypt

I love that they also made a sweet memory!  I just have to find a place to put this thing!

I would love to hear suggestions where to put “School Projects” after they have been graded.

More Egyptian Projects to come…

Blessings to you! You are loved!