Crazy Date Night and Boots Burglary

My sweet hubby and I went on a date.

Our dates involve making returns, running through the drive-thru, and Sam’s.

My husband loves Sam’s.  I love not running out of toilet paper.  And if you buy it at Sam’s – you should be good to go for months.Crazy Date Night and Boots Burglary

Well our first stop was to a shoe store.  I was returning the cutest boots for a larger size.

NOTE:  Do not try on boots with those disposable hoses and expect them to fit well with socks when you get home. 

I was having a conversation with the store manager and a lady walked by us.  I got an odd feeling and I could tell the store manager did too.  I grabbed my purse off the ground and  I told her if she needed to go I could get along just fine.  She said no and kept walking with me down an aisle.

The next thing I know, a saleslady yelled from the front of the store – “they just took ALL the boots.”

The lady who had just walked past me and a group of her friends stole tons of merchandise – including the boots in my right size, we found out later.

The manager came back inside after looking for them and came back to where I was.

I asked her “Aren’t you going to call the police?”  She said “No.”

What?!  It didn’t make sense to me.

This was a store that had camera all throughout and I am sure there were surveillance cameras in streets.  I still don’t understand.

What more I don’t understand – is that awful feeling I had when the thief lady walked beside me.

Maybe it how the lady got real close to me without making eye contact but could tell that we noticed her.  Really, I believe it was the Holy Spirit.  I love how He goes before us.

AND I am super glad they did not have any weapons.  This is Texas, you know?!

I walked back to where my husband was looking for Men’s shoes and he had been oblivious to anything that happened.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

He came over to where I was trying shoes and I told him I needed a certain size in a certain color.  That is when he had gone to the front and found the right box.  BUT, it was empty.  They took my shoes.  Sniff.

I bought a bigger size and decided to wear thicker socks.  Don’t judge.  They were cute shoes.

We then went to Sam’s.

Our Sam’s closes at 8:30 not 9:00.  Guess how we found out?

So we decided to hit Wal-Mart!

Did you know Wal-Mart now has self check out lanes? (Can you tell I don’t go there often?)  They are fast.  Unless your machine freezes up and you have to wait for the real cashier to play with your machine that involves a lot of button pushing and hitting the screen.

Seriously, I just laughed.

I love our sweet dates.  Totally boring.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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