Remodeling with kids

I started thinking the other day, which my family would consider dangerous.

Remodel with kids

(I love this photo of my husband.  So intent.  So in his element.  Swoon!)

When we are remodeling or doing any type of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects we always hear comments like:

  • Aren’t your kids in the way?
  • How do you find the time to do it yourself?
  • Where did you learn to do that?
  • I’d be scared if I made something, it would fall down.
  • My kids take up too much of my time.
  • THIS construction would drive me NUTS!

Well, the last statement is SO true for me.  I do go NUTS especially when I want to host a dinner party and can’t because a HUGE blue tarp is hanging in my living room.


We know the end is going to be worth it.

I keep saying that to myself, anyway.

As for the kids being in the way…we learn to adjust schedules, boundaries and let them participate.

Not to say, it has been easy.

Ilovemy5kids remodel

When our oldest was about 4 or 5 he decided to try painting a brick wall with brown paint and a feather.  Apparently, we were smart enough to hide the paint brushes and who knew someone would use a feather to paint?


That wall stayed that way for years.  No one noticed except for me and maybe my husband.

I would just smile at the small reminder that it is just a house and kids are only small for a few years.

Now that young man is 16 and helps his Dad raise walls, clean gutters, swing a hammer, grouts and even lays tile.  He is a keeper!  One day he will make a wife glad we taught him early to try new things.

As for learning to do our Home Remodel…

well, the school of hard knocks comes to mind.

Remodel with Kids

My husband studies and asks TONS of questions from builders, inspectors and licensed professionals.  If he is not sure about something, he asks again and researches some more.

Although, we have had to redo things in the past.

Is it still worth the frustration?

Well, ask me when we are not in the middle of a remodel and I will say yes.

However at the moment, I can’t decorate for Christmas because construction dust is like yellow snow.  Ya’, I just used that analogy.

DIY Remodeling is not for wimps.

Except for me because I feel like a HUGE wimp most days.

It is time consuming.

DIY with kids

It takes toll on relationships.

It IS worth the pain when the entire family can look back and laugh that they had pizza delivered on Christmas day and their Mom forgets one of the their child’s presents entirely.

When I get entirely bummed out, I take a tour of This Old House Home Inspection Disasters and realize how much our house is coming along.

Remodel and kids

So if you don’t like something about your home – what is stopping you – other than money.  Please don’t say money!  I live that excuse.

More to come in the future days…we are getting this Lake House (DIYplus5) done!

Blessings to you!  You are loved!


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