Teenage Princess in the House

13 years ago an amazing thing happened.

I had a beautiful girl.

Teenage Princess in the House

She had bright blue eyes.  Dimples.  A smile that would melt her Daddy’s heart.

If she was hungry, she would barely let us know.  She was such a content baby.  Which was so different than her constantly tree climbing brothers who were not afraid of anything and were super loud.

She was reserved.  Polite.  And a true Princess.

Still is.

She is funny, delightful and loves people.  People love her.  She will never lack friends because she is so real and kind to everyone she meets.

She likes green salsa on her eggs and makes mean scones.

She can crotchet, sing, dance and speak with an English accent on a moment’s notice.

She loves babies and begs to babysit.

She teaches young ones about Jesus.

She herself, loves Jesus.  And is constantly learning about Him.

She only asked for a Bible for her 13th birthday.

I love shopping with her.  She is simple with great fashion taste and easy to please.

Yep, I kind of like her.

I am glad I am her Mom.  God heard my prayers with this child.

After 2 rambunctious boys, He blessed me with such a peaceful girly girl.  (Plus, she really is a mini-me.  I love that we share the same desires.)  I also love that she is so good to her siblings.  They really have the neatest friendship which makes my heart rejoice.

I think I did over do the pink when she was young – because now she hates pink.  Go figure!  But that is okay, she will still wear it because she knows it goes good with her skin tone and she is a teenager and a princess.

Happy Birthday sweet Princess!

You are loved beyond words.  You bring us so much joy.


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