Phase 2 of DIYplus5

In a couple of weeks, we are starting on Phase 2 of our home remodel (DIYplus5) …this phase makes me a little nervous.


We will be:

  • installing a new bathroom (this one makes me nervous – something new for us.)
  • raising ceilings
  • installing new windows
  • moving our front door
  • removing vinyl siding
  • removing cedar siding (the previous owners kept it -we think.)
  • installing new hardy plank siding
  • packing everything in the living room, again.
  • Making the coffee bar
  • Building 2 closets
  • Adding a wall or two
  • And Maybe adding new flooring
  • AND anything else that might arise…and it always does.

We got this!  (Hopefully.)

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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Tyler Rose Festival

Tyler Rose Festival Since moving to the East Texas, we have been exploring the roads and scenery that is here. Gorgeous Views!  So many hills.  Glistening Lakes. FALL – with trees that change colors!  Being in the Rio Grande Valley, we haven’t experienced this in many years.  Palm trees only change colors when they die. This past weekend, we were able to attend the Tyler Rose Festival Queen’s Tea. Have you ever heard of the
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Family Toolbox

Family Toolbox Review I am NOT a perfect parent.  Either is my husband. We have made some ugly mistakes in this parenting journey. Thank the Lord for His grace!  And our kid’s grace. We are always open to wisdom from others who have fought the “good” fight. These children – they are so worth every ounce of struggle with us learning to lead them.  They are a masterpiece. With 5 kids – I feel like
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Minute Prayers

I pray. All the time. They are usually short minute prayers – here and there. I’ve always done this since I fell in love with Jesus when I was 7 or so. Certain things, places or smells remind me of a certain stories.  When they come to my remembrance – I use them as way to springboard a prayer, so to speak.  I call them a minute prayer.  But, they are probably more like a
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Lost and Found by Colleen Coble and Robin Caroll

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Rock Harbor Lost and Found by Colleen Coble and Robin Caroll As soon as this book came in the mail, it was snatched by my two readers.  I didn’t see it again for months.  When the publisher contacted me and asked me “Hey Lana, remember that book you were suppose to giveaway by Colleen Coble?  I was like “Hmm….not really.”  I love they love Moms, who have no memory.  So
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Future DIY Projects and Garage Sale Finds

Saturday my sweet hubby took me on a date – garage sailing. We dropped my eldest off at his CAP function at the airport and then went exploring the area for Garage Sales.    We found some unique treasures that I plan to transform to beauty. And at another one we found some vintage white napkins. We find if we go at the end of a sale – people just want to get rid of their
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Scarf Mania

My daughters and myself have been busy making scarves. Like we are taking up major real estate on the living room couches. So far we have watched old chick flicks while crocheting like: Sabrina – the original with Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and Audrey Hepburn. In the first scene our eldest daughter notices Ellen Corby in the list of characters. First of all, I think it is funny that my daughter knows Ellen Corby by
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Bible in a Year Giveaway

We have started school again. Today as a class assignment I had the kids sort all the books of the Bible into categories such as the Pentateuch, Prophets, Gospels, Letters, etc… It was awesome to see the kids sort out the Bible in a way that helped them (and me) understand what the Books meant when they were wrote.  A refreshing course. I think sometimes, we think we know something but when we read it
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Family Toolbox Giveaway

I am so excited to be able to introduce you to The Family Toolbox!  I am tickled pink to announce that I am also a part of The Family Toolbox Blogger Team!  So just be forewarned that I will be posting TONS of great information and tools that will help families resolve problems!  (Who doesn’t want that?!) A review of the entire program will be up soon of how my husband and I have been
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