Menu Plan with super easy options

This week has been crazy with me being the cook.

First I actually have cooked.

My family was pretty happy about that fact.

2nd crazy thing is I have been trying some new options.

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    • Monday:  Chicken Pot Pie (Amazing!  And super simple – that recipe will be on the blog very soon!)


  • TuesdayCabbage Rolls and Tacos (The cabbage rolls took longer than I thought they would and the natives were hungry.  So we whipped up tacos for a fast creative option for HANGRY peeps.)



  • WednesdayWendy’s Chili in a crockpot  (A regular staple.  Super easy!)  Plus, homemade cornbread.



Sides usually included a variety of salads.  Whatever we could throw in a bowl really quick.

This has been a really good and busy week.  Sometimes I forget to meal plan, what I  mean by sometimes, is mostly all the time.  So I while I strive to do better, there will be days I just stare at the fridge and hope something will just magically appear.  Please invent that soon, Mr. Superman or Ms. SuperWoman.  I will gladly invest in that apparatus.

 Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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Life with teenagers

Since moving here to East Texas we have been experiencing many changes. We now have 3 teenagers.  And two more quick on their heels. I can hardly believe how fast my sweet babies have grown up.  I used to pray that the days would end. Little kids can be hard: the cleaning up after, the washing clothes, the folding clothes, the trips to the pediatrician, to tantrums in the grocery store, the tantrums at the
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Teenage Princess in the House

13 years ago an amazing thing happened. I had a beautiful girl. She had bright blue eyes.  Dimples.  A smile that would melt her Daddy’s heart. If she was hungry, she would barely let us know.  She was such a content baby.  Which was so different than her constantly tree climbing brothers who were not afraid of anything and were super loud. She was reserved.  Polite.  And a true Princess. Still is. She is funny,
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We are boring DIY people

We have been very boring people lately. Boring. Bored. Ha!  I just wanted to write those words (bore – see I can’t stop) to see how they felt. Some days, opposite days are in order. Like having breakfast for dinner. Or sleeping in clothes and going to work with your jammies on. By the way, have you have seen Pajama Jeans?  A friend of ours brought them over when they spent the night and I
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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Character & Skills

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Character & Skills for Home and Careers with Life Management Principles Disclosure:  I have been sent complimentary copy for review purposes only. Any links can be affiliates meaning if you buy something I might get some pennies. This review has been monetarily compensated. The review was my honest opinion and views were not influenced by the sponsor in any way. There is something special about the UPS man dropping off a package
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Essentials for fighting the flu and a giveaway

We have had the flu. 3 out of 7 of us. This in any family requires some delicate training. Thankfully, my hubby has been in OJT – On the Job training before. He went to the store and stocked up with essentials for fighting this ugly virus. Powerade, Kleenexes, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. He has been doing this for many years so he also knew I would not want to cook so he also planned a
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Great Resource for Home Bible Studies

I love reading the Bible. Even more than reading it – I love when I find that little treasure that expands it to life.  Like the first time you go to the zoo and see how massive the elephants are or how the giraffes would be great at playing basketball if they had hands.  That is how I feel when I look up a word in its original text like Hebrew or Greek, a whole
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Homeschooling High School

I have been a busy little bee – the last 12 or so years.  More like 16. Between being a mom and being a wife – I teach. Not only do I teach but I am the principal, counselor, PE coach, social activities director, bus driver, bus maintence department, food delivery guru, budget buster, budget helper – in other words, I homeschool. Some areas I am on top of the game.  (Like baby, we have
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Do It Yourself Projects

My hubby and I have been doing DIY projects for years. A few questions we often hear: “Where did you learn to do this?” “Aren’t you scared something is going to break?” “My husband would never be able to do what your husband does – he is so NOT handy.” I just laugh. If they only knew we learned most of everything we do out of plain force. In other words, if someone really needs
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