I got to say, some days are just blessings.  Then other days, there are BIGGER blessings.

A while back, Kristen at We Are That Family sent me an email saying one of my tips was going to be in her newest book, That Works For Me.


I was so excited.  Not only that my “tip” (Number 800 – SQUEAL!) was being in a book but a portion of the proceeds of her book were going to help a ministry in Africa, a non-profit maternity home called The Mercy House.  I love unselfishness.  Seriously, it just breathes love.

I seriously love this book!
It is super easy to use and basically written by friends, over 300 bloggers, who are real people with real problems with real fixes. 

To buy click on the e-book or HERE!

Regular price is $8.
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Blessings to you!  You are loved!
Disclosure:  I did receive a review copy of this book.  However, it was not a paid review.  I truly LOVED the book.
Also, if you purchase the book from my website, I receive a part of the funds.