Homemade Egyptian School Projects: A Pyramid

All of my children have been working on some type of Egyptian Projects for school with their Dad.

(He loves helping his children and his wife.)

Yesterday, I shared how we are studying Ancient Egypt and showed the Sphinx.

I had no idea what they chose for their project and walked outside to see my daughter cutting wood (with close supervision of her Daddy.)

An Egyptian Pyramid Project that sparkles.

Homemade Pyramid


You can’t see it well in the pictures but it is covered in pretty glitter!

Egyptian PyramidThey used leftover pine wood from another one of my Hubby’s infamous DIY projects.Modern Day PyramidAfter all the sparkles have settled, I was rather impressed.

It is not every day – that one would have a Modern Day Pyramid in their dining room.  The joys of Home School!

History Project Pyramids

Next week, I share more of the Homemade Egyptian School projects.


Tomorrow is Where in the World is that P31 Lady?
Have you seen those posts?  Super challenging!

Blessings to you!  You are loved!