Homemade Egyptian School Projects–The Mummy

My kids loved learning about mummies.  (Me – not so much.)

Making a Mummy

They loved to share with anyone who would listen how the priests got the brain out of the head.

Let me just say, be careful when you blow your nose.  Homemade Egyptian Mummy

Ugh.  I don’t like the thought of any of the above that I mentioned.  So let’s just forget it okay?

The Mummy was made by my hubby and daughter.

They used paper Mache (flour and water mixture), newspaper, toilet paper rolls and a fishing bobber for the head.  The coffin was out of a cardboard and then sprinkled with glitter. 
(I did mention this was my daughter’s project – it had to have bling.)

Egyptian Mummy

We also made a homemade Sphinx and a homemade Pyramid

We have enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt.  Our local university had a tour of Egyptian Artifacts that we got to go and explore.  It was so neat to see some of the replicas that we have studied and brought it all together.

Egypt ArtifactsFisherman on the NileMummyKing TutKing Tut –  What an amazing story!  My daughter thoughts were “Gross!” and “He was only 19 years old!”

Visiting EgyptWalk like an EgytianMaking Egypt Memories

During this study, we found that the Ancient Egyptians needed a savior.  They trusted in themselves.  They forgot where they had come from.  Another reason I want to continue to blog and share about the One who brings true life.  Make no confusion – His name is Jesus.  He is the giver of Life!  He loves us so!

Blessings to you!  You are loved!