Science Projects: What happened to Mount St. Helens?

Where were you the week of May 18th, 1980?

I remember a day or two after this date.  I was sitting in a restaurant with my Aunt K, Dad and Grand-dad.
I was young and couldn’t comprehend what they were saying or talking about with such sadness.  They kept mentioning Mt. St. Helens and a volcano.

My Aunt K. finally told me what had happened.  It sparked something in me.  After that, I was hooked on learning about volcanoes.  I was so young, yet, when I hit high school, I did an entire six weeks of research on volcanoes.  Some things never change.  I’m still hooked!  Now, I teach my children.

Lesson learned:  Be careful of what you talk about in front of your young kids…they might catch the fever!  (I talk about chocolate trees to my kids.  Maybe they can invent one that gives me M & M’s as the fruit.)

This video shows some of what happened at Mt. Saint Helens!

However, after all my research – I didn’t know much.

In fact, all I really understood was the Ring of Fire, Magma, and Lava.  The rest was just too scientific.  I am not a scientific person.

When I saw this book,
 The Case of the Missing Mountain (Mystery Rangers) by Kim Jones

I wondered if it was going to be a lot of scientific jargon?
I was truly pleased!  The book made sense!  It was interesting, explained things easily and it really glorified the Lord in the process even going back to Noah’s flood, all while explaining Mount St. Helen’s eruption.

It has 7 Rockin’ Ranger Activities (Science Projects) that are simple and easy to do – all while explaining “Astounding Mysteries.”

I will be doing a lot of these activities when we get to Noah’s Flood in our school curricula.  I love that there are tons of crosswords and puzzles on each page.  Every child in my house will have something to work on.

Yes, I would recommend the book in a heartbeat!  Especially for those who educate at home or are interested in learning about young-Earth creation.

(Young-Earth creation is believing that the earth was created in 6 literal days by God.   That is a short and less scientific definition.)

I know many Godly people, personally,  who believe that the earth was created by God but not in 6 days.  It is very confrontational even in Christian circles.

My view:  I want to give my children the resources to search it out like the Bereans.  Acts 17:11

How do you teach your children about different scientific views? 
  • Do you just let the public school teach them and worry more about chocolate M & M trees?
  • Do you teach at home and wouldn’t think about anything but 6 Literal days?
  • Do you border on insanity and just want to cuddle under the covers with a good book and a cup of chocolate milk?
Blessings to you!  You are loved!
Note:  I was sent complimentary copy for review purposes only.  This review has not been monetarily compensated.  The review was my honest opinion and views and not influenced by the sponsor in any way.